Mom's Millennium Ink

About Mom's Millennium Ink

Body Shock Inc. is a proud supplier of Mom's Millenium Tattoo Ink. Used and trusted by professional tattoo artists. 

Millennium Individual Moms Tattoo Ink

Millennium's Newest Formula ! Highest possible pigment content giving you brighter colors that, fly right in with an amazing flow rate. Will Not Dry Out Any shade from Mom’s line of premium tattoo ink will give you the vibrancy and intensity that you've been searching for! Give your tattoos the moms tattoo ink they deserve! Available in 1oz only.

Millennium Ink Shots

Millennium Ink Shots are great single serve tubes that hold approximately 2ml of ink, which is enough to fill two large ink caps. There are 30 individual tubes of one color per box. Great for small tattoos and touch ups.

Millennium Nuclear Ultra Violet UV Tattoo Ink

Mom's Nuclear colors! All nine of these colors are blacklight sensitive. This UV tattoo ink can be used by itself, or in conjunction with standard tattoo ink to help create the ultimate body art that you can enjoy for a lifetime! Blacklight inks make for great highlights. The invisible ink cannot be seen in regular light, and the colors look great in both visible light and blacklight! Nuclear ink is the bomb! 100% safe! All ingredients are non-toxic and non-hazardous! Get a blacklight tattoo today!

Mom's Color Enhancer

Mom's Color Enhancer is used to thin out colors. For example, you can create a custom greywash from outling ink using the color enhancer by measuring out different amounts depending on how much you want to thin out the outling ink. Available in a 8oz bottle.