Tattoo Therapy Natural Aftercare Lotion

Body Shock is an authorized distributor of Emu Oil and Tattoo Therapy™, revolutionary aftercare products for piercing and tattoos.

Tattoo Therapy is a revolutionary natural aftercare tattoo lotion designed specifically to aid in the healing and comfort of new artwork and permanent cosmetics.

Tattoo Therapy™ is formulated with natural healing agents, anti-inflammatory ingredients and skin moisturizers blended together with Emu Oil for a deeper penetration giving maximum protection and comfort.

Tattoo Therapy™ has natural protective barriers, yet allows the skin to breathe during the healing process.

Tattoo Therapy™ is so effective in it's healing abilities, that it virtually eliminates the need for touch ups in most cases, when work has been done by a professional.

Tattoo Therapy™ should be applied after new artwork is cleaned to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation and redness and help set colors and reduce plasma oozing.  Use 2 - 3 times daily on clean skin.

Tattoo Therapy™ can be used in conjunction with Emu Oil or alone.  If used with Emu Oil, use Emu Oil for the first 2 days, then use Tattoo Therapy™ for the rest of the healing period to prevent dryness and excessive flaking.

Bodyshock Inc. offers Tattoo Therapy in individual 1 oz. bottles or in a cost-saving 12-pack.