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About Tattoo Ink

Over the past 25 years BodyShock Tattoo Inc has worked incredibly hard to build up an impressive selection of tattoo ink products. Because every tattoo artist has a different personal preference when it comes to what tattoo ink they choose to use, BodyShock stocks a vast range of quality inks. With an extensive knowledge of the tattoo industry, BodyShock understands that tattoo artists work in a variety of different styles and is committed to providing quality products that exceed the expectations of its customers.

BodyShock makes it a goal to include tattoo equipment to suit every single type of tattoo artist. Whether you’re an apprentice or a seasoned professional, BodyShock is certain that it has the tattoo ink that is perfect for you and your work. To ensure that you can create the best tattoo art possible, BodyShock makes sure to only stock tattoo inks of the highest standards.

As BodyShock is committed to providing only the best tattooing products in the business, it includes only the biggest tattoo ink brands such as Fusion, Intenze, Eternal, Kuro Sumi, Starbrite, Millennium and more! BodyShock is dedicated to providing fast and efficient delivery, so you can create the most exceptional tattoo art as soon as possible.

Browse the supply of the most comprehensive selection of high quality tattoo ink at a price to suit you. BodyShock Tattoo Inc is committed to providing superior customer service. So, if you need any additional advice in regards to your tattoo ink selection then please get in contact Body Shock Tattoo Inc.