Fusion Tattoo Ink


About Fusion Tattoo Ink

As the world’s leading supplier of inks and equipment, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with only the finest inks available in the marketplace today.

For over 15 years, Fusion Ink has earned the reputation of being one of the best inks available to artists today. Unlike many other inks, Fusion Ink does not contain any fillers. The organic pigments used in Fusion Inks are completely vegan safe, and possess higher pigment loads than other traditional inks. This results in brighter, more brilliant colors that are as easy to apply as they are easy on the eyes.

From the 60 color sets to the 12 bottle sample packs, Fusion Inks come in a variety of colors and shades ranging from flesh tone and muted to opaque and pastel. Body Shock also carries the entire line of Fusion signature series ink sets from top tattoo artists the likes of:

  • Deano Cook
  • Jeff Gogue
  • Juan Selgado
  • Mike Cole
  • Nikko Hurtado
  • Rick Walters
  • Roman Abrego

The complete 60 color Fusion Ink set comes with colors like Basic Black, Gamma Green, and Saigon Pink, whereas the 25 new color set has exotic hues such as Tequila Sunrise, Faded Denim, and Tyrian Purple.

Each of the Fusion Ink signature series sets features a collection of exclusive colors used by the artist. Try out Bimini Blue or Shark Skin from the Deano Cook series, or Chinook and Lotus Midnight from Jeff Gogue’s series. You may also want to experiment with Fire Coral and Ship Wreck from Juan Selgado’s offering, or Mike Cole’s Bloodberry and Android Green inks. No matter what types of tattoos your shop specializes in, or the kinds of ink your clientele prefers, the Fusion Ink signature series sets allow you to create the bold, one-of-a-kind designs that your customers want.

As any artist that’s used Fusion Ink agrees, the quality of this ink is superb. Experience the difference, and place your order of Fusion Ink with Body Shock today!