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Hawk Spirit Tattoo Machine - Black Motor Only

Product: Hawk Spirit Tattoo Machine - Black Motor Only

Hawk Spirit Tattoo Machines - Black Motor

German-engineered Cheyenne Hawk Spirit tattoo machine is the ultimate tool, providing expert precision, speed, comfort and versatility with out compromise. The Hawk Spirit is durable and incredibly powerful with a highly sensitive reaction time and higher puncture force and frequency, all if which allows the tattoo artists to simply focus on their creative expression on the skin.

Includes: Hawk Spirit motor, Hawk power cord and phono tip connector.


  • Easy needle depth adjustment and ergonomic hand bar adjustment
  • Accommodates over 40 needle cartridges
  • Efficient cartridge change and replacement
  • Compatible with 19mm and 25mm Hawk grips
  • Meets strict hygiene regulations
  • Manufactured in Germany  

*Get compatible Grips!* 


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