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S8 RED Soap

Product: S8 RED Soap

S8 RED Soap is a concentrated fluid that is added to water in the wash bottle. RED Soap is a Alcohol-Free, vegetable based prep soap developed specifically for tattooing. RED Soap includes plant enzymes and vegetable surfactants that lift away and neutralize oils, dead skin cells, tropical bacteria and fungi when applied to the skin. RED Soap gently cleans and preps the skin for the tattoo artist. As all Artist know, clean skin means better adhesion for stencils, greater skin saturation, and quicker heal time for the tattoo. Since RED Soap does not contain Alcohol, the client will experience less discomfort and less inflammation when used during the tattooing process.

S8 RED Soap is available in the following quantities

  • 10 sachets containing 3 grams of S8 RED Soap
  • 20 sachets containing 3 grams of S8 RED Soap
  • 25 sachets containing 3 grams of S8 RED Soap
  • 50 sachets containing 3 grams of S8 Red Soap

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