Intenze Tattoo Ink New Colors

Product: Intenze Tattoo Ink New Colors

Intenze Tattoo Ink New Colors - Intenze has introduce 17 new colors to their already outstanding line of Original Colors. Available in 1oz, 2oz and 4oz size bottles.

Colors: American Rose, Deep Indigo, Dodger Blue, Golden Rod, Midnight Green, Papaya, Patty's Orange, Persian Blue, Pink Panther, Raspberry, Red Cherry, Royal Blue, Ruby Red, Soldier Green, Sweet Candy, Tyler Blue, Will's Olive 

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Colour options

Patty's Orange

American Rose

Deep Indigo

Dodger Blue

Golden Rod

Midnight Green


Persian Blue

Pink Panther


Red Cherry

Royal Blue

Ruby Red

Soldier Green

Sweet Candy

Tyler Blue

Will's Olive

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