Cheyenne Grips

Cheyenne Hawk 21mm & 25mm Grips

Cheyenne grips are Stylish, lightweight, and great to work with, available in 21mm and 25mm. Fast and easy cartridge change system minimizing interruption when working.

Cheyenne Disposable Ergo Grip

The Cheyenne Ergo D-Grips the Cheyenne Hawk Pen and the SOL Nova Pen are ergonomically designed to ensure the most comfortable and successful tattooing procedures. These sturdy grips sits on the end of the Hawk Pen or SOL Nova Pen and does not spin along the tube, allowing for accurate and precise tattooing. Cheyenne Hawk offers three sizes of disposable grips. Grips come pre-packaged, sterilized and 6 per box.