Eternal Ink Liz Cook Colors

Liz Cook Signature Series Set - Eternal Ink

Liz Cook is a leading tattoo artist and color expert (Eternal Ink Color Wheel System). Her color application is inspiring with heavy saturation and dynamic color contrasts. Cook deftly mixes realism with rendered illustrative elements to bring deeper meaning to her imagery. This expertly curated collection of 12 pigments includes neutral tones, rich blues and purples, and some eye-catching greens. A must-have addition to every artist’s palette. Available in 1oz bottles.

Antique Fuchsia - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Antique Fuchsia is a heavily muted version of Fuchsia. Available in 1oz bottles.

Electric Raspberry - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Electric Raspberry is a warmer counterpart to Light Magenta. Pops in the skin and mixes awesome with Tangerine. Available in 1oz bottles.

Forest - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Forest is a right muted green. The darker counterpart to Seven Seas. Available in 1oz bottles.

Fuchsia - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Fushcia is the same value range as our Light Magenta but with a rich violet hue. Available in 1oz bottles.

Granny Smith Green - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Granny Smith Green is a vibrant light green. Slightly muted. Available in 1oz bottles.

Imperial Violet - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Imperial Violet is a not too dark violet that falls between Dark Cobalt and Dark Purple.

Jade - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Jade is a beautiful muted green. The cooler counterpart to Dirty Money. Available in 1oz bottles.

Mulberry - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Mulberry is a vibrant purple that is warmer than Red-Violet. Heals true.

Pepto Pink - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Pepto Pink is a muted pink with a slightly cool tone. You can practically taste it. Available in 1oz bottles.

Red Violet - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Red Violet is an awesome warm purple. Heals very true in the skin. Available in 1oz bottles.

Sage - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Sage is a warmer muted green. Blends well with Green Slime to add an opaque look. Available in 1oz bottles.

Shamrock - Eternal Ink Liz Cook

Shamrock is a rich medium green that sits in between Jungle Green and Lime Green. Available in 1oz bottles.