Eternal Ink Portrait Colors

Portrait Skin Tones Set - Eternal Ink

Ron Russo’s series of 12 hues will give depth and impact to your portrait work. With warm, and cool tones, this set blends a perfect range of colors for portrait and pin-up style work. The cool tones also provide a dynamic contrast to the flesh-tone hues for additional vibrancy. These 12 hues are a great addition to your Eternal Ink palette. Available in 1 ounce only.

Almond - Eternal Ink Portrait

A light brownish flesh tone. Available in 1oz bottles.

Enchanted Lilac - Eternal Ink Portrait

Enchanted Lilac is a shad lighter than purple. Available in 1oz bottles.

Light Peach - Eternal Ink Portrait

Light Peach is a pinkish flesh tone. Available in 1oz bottles.

Nude Blush - Eternal Ink Portrait

A great mid flesh tone. Leans slightly toward pink. Available in 1 ounce only.

Papaya - Eternal Ink Portrait

Papaya is a very rich rosy muted tone. Available in 1oz Bottles.

Rich Espresso - Eternal Ink Portrait

Rich Espresso is a very dark warm brown. One of our darkest value browns. Available in 1oz bottles.

Rose Satin - Eternal Ink Portrait

Rose Satin is a slightly muted pink with a blush quality. Available in 1oz Bottles.

Rust- Eternal Ink Portrait

Rust is a yellower version of Burnt Orange, but opaquer. Available in 1oz bottles.

Sable - Eternal Ink Portrait

Sable is a yellowish warm brown tone. Has a great mid-value healed. Perfect for those looking for a less “red” brown. Available in 1oz bottles.

Sea Shell - Eternal Ink Portrait

Sea Shell is a very light and less muted pink. Available in 1oz bottles.

Spice - Eternal Ink Portrait

Spice is an orange counterpart to Rawhide. It is a medium-dark flesh tone with an orange tint. Available in 1oz bottles.

Wine Berry - Eternal Ink Portrait

Wine Berry is a shaded medium of purple. Available in 1oz bottles.