Practice Skin

A Pound of Flesh Tattoo Pink Tone Practice Canvas

Like the Synthetic tattooable limbs, the Pound of Flesh Tattoo canvas is a silicone and rubber-based with pinkish tone, that closely recreate the experience of tattooing on real skin. The ample tattooable surface allows you to experiment with new equipment, strengthen your tattooing skills, and create a unique portfolio. Available in 3mm, 4mm, and 8mm thickness.

A Pound of Flesh White Canvas

The White canvas makes tattoos stand out vibrantly for showcasing or display, The slab is lightweight for handling as part or portfolio, and sturdy enough as a practice canvas. both apprentices and seasoned artists can attract potential clients by showing their work on a risk-free, spacious synthetic surface.


Practice new techniques, strengthen your existing skills, or create a 3D portfolio with the synthetic tattooable hand. this silicone and rubber-based hand has the shape and curvature of a real hand to closely recreate the experience of tattooing actual skin for beginners and professional alike. Eliminate the risk of practicing on real people and give potential clients the opportunity to see how your work looks on "skin" firsthand.

APOF Forearm and Hand

The limb has the shape and curvature of a real arm and hand, so you can practice new techniques or strengthen your existing skills on the two body parts with just one canvas. Recreate the experience of tattooing real skin without the risk of making mistakes on actual people. A Pound of Flesh arm is also a great 3d portfolio clients to see how your work looks on "skin" firsthand.

APOF Plank

Create a masterpiece display for prospective clients to admire with our Plank of Flesh. This silicone and rubber-based flesh plank has a glossy tattooable surface on the one sire and the a matte tattooable surface on the other, allowing for two showpieces. The edges are painted brown for a finish look that is reminiscent of a rustic wood frame

APOF Yorick Skull

Create a macabre masterpiece with a unique Yorick-inspired skull, life-like enough to cause nightmares. Whether you want to sample new equipment, strengthen your existing skills, or practice a new technique, APOF skull is an extraordinary 3D portfolio or canvas for fellow artists, potential clients, and others to see your work.