Empire Ink Blacks and Whites

Empire Classic Black

Classic Black was formulated as a cooler black, contrasting well with warm skin tones, while maintaining a medium viscosity. Classic Black was formulated to be an all-purpose black that is ideal for packing black with excellent saturation. This black can be used for lining, packing and shading.

Empire Ivory Ink

Ivory Black is Empire's darkest black. Expect a clean and even darker representation of our classic black formula ideal for packing black with excellent saturation. Ivory Black's smooth consistent blend maintains a medium viscosity and contrasts well with warm skin tones.

Empire Vine Black

NEW!! VINE BLACK - LINING BLACK A cool black with a thin viscosity. Great for fast lines and whip shading. It's slightly transparent which makes this easy to break down for a graywash.

Empire Mars Black

NEW!! MARS BLACK - ALL PURPOSE BLACK A thicker all-purpose black. It's slightly warm and opaque which allows for a very versatile application. Mars pairs well with larger mags to cover vast areas quickly.

Empire White Ink

Empire spent a lot of time researching different formulas and pigments to help us create a strong white that can be used for both highlights and mixing. Our white is thick enough for larger fields of solid saturation and thin enough for highlights. It is the highest lightfast white we have found, meaning it will stay white longer in the skin. Empire's white is loved by many for highlights. This white has twice the amount of pigment, making it great for packing in. We grind the pigment up so that it can fit into the skin more allowing you to be able to pack more into a small space; making the tattoo brighter. Our white is not cut with water, which makes it a more pure white. This ink mixes well with color and is a cool white.