Disposable Covers

Clip Cord Covers

Disposable Clip Cord Covers eliminates the rick of cross contamination. Clip cord covers come 250 per and are 18" in length.

Machine Covers

Disposable Machine covers eliminates the risk of cross contamination. Machines covers come 100 per box and have an elastic opening.

Arm Sleeve Covers

Disposable arm sleeve covers eliminate the risk of cross contamination. Arm Sleeves come 100 per box and have elastic ends.

Crystal Grip Sleeves

Crystal Grip Sleeves provide an ideal option to keep your grips clean with the comfort of an easy to use dispenser box. The Crystal Grip Sleeves are ideal to use with your pen style tattoo machines. Crystal Grip Sleeves will accommodate either 3/4" or 1" diameter pen machines. Crystal Grip Sleeves come 250 sleeves per box.