Liquid Solidifer

Petrity Liquid Sponge - Liquid Solidifier

Petrify Needle Nose Bottle — 6 oz — Used to Clean Up Your Rinse Cups Petrify is a Super Absorbent Polymer that yields a gel-like material with the addition of liquid. A pre-measured unit dose pack has a multitude of uses. Porous, non-woven material (similar to a teabag) allows liquid and the solidifier to mix. No pouring necessary. Recommended for the bottom of sharps containers, red bags, or for specimen shipping. Petrify is designed to provide tattoo artists with an easier and more effective cleanup after the tattooing procedure is done. Petrify helps with the disposal of any liquids associated with the tattooing process. Petrify can solidify liquid 30 times its own weight in minutes. Perfect for Rinse Cup Clean Ups. No more mess.