Tattoo Grips

About Tattoo Grips

If you are looking for top of the range tattoo grips that will help you comfortably create your finest tattoo art, then look no further than Body Shock. With over 25 years of experience in the tattoo and piercing industry, we can help you out with extensive knowledge on all of the products involved. We make it our goal to match tattoo artists of all levels with the equipment they need to create the most incredible body art possible.

You may be surprised to know that Body Shock not only stocks the most comprehensive selection of tattoo grips known to man, we make them too! With our state of the art CNC production facilities, Body Shock can produce the highest quality grips that you can get your hands on, made from stainless steel, plastic and hi tech alloys in a vast array of colors.

Our huge range of tattoo grips include:

  •  Steel Grips
  •  Plastic Grips
  •  Disposable Grips
  •  Hi-tech Alloy Grips
  • Plus Grip Accessories

Whichever type of grip you prefer, you are sure to find it within our extensive collection!

Body Shock's ergonomically designed range of tattoo grips truly are second to none and will allow you to create precise, creative tattoos of the finest quality. At our UK based factory we produce a vast collection of quality tattoo equipment. When you purchase from Body Shock you are certain to have the most professional, well-equipped tattoo studio possible.

If you require more information in regards to our tattoo grips or any of our tattoo equipment, then please contact our friendly, helpful and experienced team who will be able to answer all of your queries. Here at Body Shock we stock and manufacture exceptional tattoo products that will allow you to focus on your creativity and produce the most fantastic tattoo art possible!