Fusion Tattoo Ink Sets

Fusion Tattoo Ink 25 Color Set

Fusion 25 Color Set are now available. This new round of colors by Fusion are amazing. With the addition of such colors as Neon Yellow, Shamrock, Frost, Yellow Jacket and Blueberry. This will make your art work explode. You can purchase the complete set of all 25 colors or purchase the colors individually. Sizes are available in 1oz and 2oz bottles.

Fusion Tattoo Ink 60 Color Set

This 60 bottle set comes in 1oz, and 2oz.

Fusion Tattoo Ink Greywash Set Colors

Fusion Greywash 5 Bottle set are available in 1oz, 2oz and 4oz bottles.

Fusion Tattoo Ink Sample Pack 12 Bottle Set

Fusion 12 Bottle Sample Pack - Available in 1oz and 2oz sets