Recovery Piercing Care

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Recovery Saline Wash

Soothe, refresh, and clean both new and healed piercings with our rejuvenating Saline Wash. Our purified aftercare saline wash sprays gently onto the skin, removing dirt and debris from affected areas on your skin, allowing for recovery and maintenance that is healthy, hygienic, and healing. Environmentally friendly, our wash is vegan and all-natural, devoid of CFCs, drugs, preservatives, or additives. Spray your way to a clean and healthy piercing.

Recovery Smelly Gelly Piercing Conditioner

Reduce inflammation and hydrate your skin with our soothing, softening Smelly Gelly conditioner. Carefully formulated to heal your piercings and keep your skin healthy and hygienic, our Smelly Gelly is comprised of natural moisturizing emollients and essential oils for deodorizing and assuaging effects. Our Smelly Gelly can also be used as a lubricant for inserting large-gauge jewelry into stretched piercings. Help your skin heal, and enjoy your body modifications with revitalized skin.

Recovery Sea Salt Mouth Rise

Our Mouth Rinse is the all-natural, alcohol-free way to recover after oral body modifications, surgeries, or dental procedures. The rinse is a refreshing alternative to other sea-salt solutions, offering infused peppermint oil for a relieving, minty fresh recovery. But what is our most secret and vital ingredient? Maris Sal sea salt, derived from the Dead Sea and rich in minerals that your skin loves, assuages swelling and oral pain for a beautiful and natural healing process. Rinse your way to freshness and relief.

Recovery Tea Tree Oil

Relieve your skin of common irritations like swelling or bleeding with our Tea Tree Oil. This all-natural topical agent comes from the Australian Melaleuca Tree. It works to dehydrate bumps, reduce scars, and encourage revitalized, healthy skin after piercings and body modification procedures. Combine our Tea Tree Oil with our Saline Solution according to your aftercare needs for a hygienic healing process and offer your skin the treatment it craves.

Recovery JOJOBA Oil

Our fortifying, pure, and all-natural jojoba oil keeps your organic jewelry refreshed and your skin moisturized. Lubricate your bone, horn, or wooden jewelry to prevent dryness and cracking, or moisturize scar tissue and irritated skin for strength and replenishment. Jojoba oil can also be applied to your hair for detangling, moisture, thickness, and radiant shine. Hypoallergenic and rich in Vitamin E, our jojoba oil is a product of Peru and Israel; it’s the natural remedy your skin desires.


6cc Vial of Emu Oil - Piercing or Tattoo Aftercare & Stretching Emu Oil is a highly moisturizing and nutritional supplement for your skin. It is rich with fatty acids that will aid your skin in new cell development and promote faster healing. Use Emu Oil for tattoo and piercing aftercare or for stretching your gauges. With use 2-3 times a day with your tattoo, it will help set the color and reduce oozing. It can also help reduce or eliminate scabbing that can occur with new tattoos. For piercing aftercare, Emu Oil can be used to eliminate keloids and won’t clog your pores. This product is not Vegetarian or Vegan.