Eternal Ink Motor City Colors

Motor City Set - Eternal Ink

Detroit put a nation on wheels. Our Motor City ink set is a flashback to muscle cars and Detroit speed. The 12 colors are inspired by vintage sheet metal fantasies, high gloss paint, and joys of a fast ride. These 12 hues are a great addition to your Eternal Ink palette. Available in 1oz bottles.

Blackbird - Eternal Ink Motor City

Blackbird is a jet-black hue performs as an excellent lining and shading ink. The consistency is slightly thinner than our Lining Black. This new ink formula provides a very neutral base when mixed or thinned. Considered by many artists as the perfect all-around black tattoo ink. Available in 1oz bottles.

Bondo - Eternal Ink Motor City

Bondo is a light gray that works excellent as a tint to lighten colors – the ‘cooler’ counterpart to Moon Dust (Halo Set). Available in 1oz bottles.

Classic Emerald - Eternal Ink Motor City

Classic Emerald is slightly muted green that leans toward teal. Available in 1oz bottles.

Cuda Purple - Eternal Ink Motor City

Cuda Purple is the truest purple - without white added. Cuda Purple does NOT ‘gray down’ in the skin! Available in 1oz bottles.

Eternal Orange - Eternal Ink Motor City

Eternal Orange is a warm orange that heals lighter in skin. Available in 1oz bottles.

Exhaust - Eternal Ink Motor City

Exhaust is the ‘cooler’ counterpart to Smoke. Available in 1oz bottles.

Galaxy Blue - Eternal Ink Motor City

Galaxy Blue is a dark almost navy blue with a hint of violet. Available in 1oz bottles.

GTO Teal - Eternal Ink Motor City

GTO Teal is a teal with an ochre tint. This hue is the result of collaborating with Audie Fulfer. Available in 1oz bottles.

Mudflap Brown - Eternal Ink Motor City

Mudflap Brown is a saddle-like brown that heals a shade darker. Available in 1oz bottles.

Road Runner Green - Eternal Ink Motor City

Road Runner Green is a very bright green with strong white base – heals almost like a highlighter yellow. Available in 1oz bottles.

Rusty Red - Eternal Ink Motor City

Rusty Red is a brownish Magenta Brighter than Deep Red. Available in 1oz bottles..

Vette Red - Eternal Ink Motor City

Vette Red is a vibrant rosey-red … not muted in the slightest! Available in 1oz bottles.