Eternal Ink Myke Chambers Colors

Myke Chambers Signature Series Set - Eternal Ink

Myke Chambers has evolved a unique brand of Traditional Americana tattoo art. It is instantly recognizable with strong symbolic images inked in his unmistakable style. Presented here are 12 of his favorite tattoo hues mixed perfectly to Eternal Ink's high standards. This set simplifies the ink selection process with unique hues that will create the color and contrast of Myke's tattoo style. Available in 1oz bottles.

Blue Ribbon - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

Blue Ribbon is a great ‘country’ color blue. Available in 1oz bottles.

Blue Ridge - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

Blue Ridge is a secret weapon for your palette! Looks like a muted blue - but goes in and heals like the best traditional periwinkle you have ever seen. Available in 1oz bottles.

California Orange - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

California Orange is a true orange formulated from yellow and red. Available in 1oz bottles.

Georgia Pine - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

Georgia Pine is a fantastic mid-green that tends to heal a shade darker in skin. Available in 1oz bottles.

Green River - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

Green River is a nice deep green that is not muted tone. Available in 1oz bottles.

Mississippi Mud - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

Mississippi Mud has a reddish tone in the bottle - heals as a rich dark brown that adds nice contrast to brighter colors. Available in 1oz bottles.

Rawhide - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

Rawhide is a classic skin tone - a flesh color that isn’t too orange or too pink … it’s just right. Available in 1oz bottles.

Red Cross - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

Red Cross is a full, rich red that falls in between Lipstick Red and Crimson Red. One of Eternal's most popular reds. Available in 1oz bottles.

Seven Seas - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

Seven Seas is a green that heals to a smooth olive-green hue. Perfect for leaves and other nature artwork. Available in 1oz bottles.

True Gold - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

True Gold is the palest orange in the Eternal ink lineup - heals slightly lighter in skin. Available in 1oz bottles.

Yellow Stone - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

Yellow Stone is a richer counterpart to our Lightening Yellow. A fantastic yellow ink. Available in 1oz bottles.

Zane Gray - Eternal Ink Myke Chambers

Zane Grey is a dark gray with a touch of warmth - heals nice but is darker. Available in 1oz bottles.