Eternal Ink Vintage Ink Colors

Vintage Ink Set - Eternal Ink

Vintage Ink is a brand-new set of tattoo inks based on nostalgic, popular hues. The hues include the full range of primary, plus secondary, and tertiary colors, but with very distinct color differences. In other words, no overlapping colors and any neighboring colors will be distant neighbors. The Vintage Ink set delivers a simple, streamlined palette for artists wanting a well-organized, successful color range. The Vintage Ink set includes: 14 new hues plus White, Maxx Black and NEW Maxx Lining Black, and Keep It Wet. The Vintage Ink set is part of the Eternal Ink line of premium tattoo inks. Vintage Ink pigments mix perfectly with Eternal Ink Pigments. All Vintage Inks are Certified Sterile. Vintage Ink is available in 1 oz bottles only.

Atomic Orange - Eternal Ink Vintage

Atomic Orange is an explosively strong yellow orange. More orange than Golden Yellow, more yellow than True Gold, more vibrant than Eternal Orange. Available in 1oz bottles.

Blue Suede - Eternal Ink Vintage

Blue Suede is a cool blue that is darker than Arctic Dark. Available in 1oz bottles.

Blueberry Hil - Eternal Ink Vintage

Blueberry Hill is a more vibrant and darker than True Blue while lighter than Blue Concentrate. Available in 1oz bottles.

Bomber Gray - Eternal Ink Vintage

Bomber Gray is a super desaturated gray that falls within the yellow green family.

Camo Green - Eternal Ink Vintage

Camo Green is the perfect leafy green. Camo Green is a lighter & more vibrant than Seven Seas, darker and less vibrant than Green Slime. Available in 1oz bottles.

Classic Pink - Eternal Ink Vintage

Classic Pink is a lighter, warmer and more vibrant than Pepto Pink, darker than Pink, and lighter & cooler than Hot Pink or Tangerine. Available in 1oz bottles.

Eastwood - Eternal Ink Vintage

Eastwood is a dark red that is warmer and more desaturated than our Dark Red. Available in 1oz bottles.

Maxx Black - Eternal Ink Vintage

Maxx Black is available in 1oz bottles.

Maxx Linning Black - Eternal Ink Vintage

Maxx Lining Black is a thinner formulation of Maxx Black mixed perfectly for lining. Available in 1oz bottles.

Purple Haze - Eternal Ink Vintage

Purple Haze is warmer than Imperial Violet, and cooler than Cuda Purple but with a similar value. Lighter than Dark Purple. Available in 1oz bottles.

Red Wagon - Eternal Ink Vintage

Red Wagon is a vibrant and intense red that stands well on its own. Warmer than Lipstick Red and more intense than Light Red. Available in 1oz bottles.

Root Beer - Eternal Ink Vintage

Root Beer is the perfect medium brown. Warmer and lighter than Dark Brown. Available in 1oz bottles.

Slo Poke - Eternal Ink Vintage

Slo Poke is a translucent warm yellow-brown, lighter & more saturated than Mocha. Available in 1oz bottles.

Tang Orange - Eternal Ink Vintage

Tang Orange is a warmer hue than a traditional orange, more yellow and brighter than California Orange. Available in 1oz bottles.

Thunderbird - Eternal Ink Vintage

Thunderbird is a warmer & darker than Aquamarine, less vibrant and slightly bluer than Coral Green. Available in 1oz bottles.

White - Eternal Ink Vintage

White is a classic white belongs among these modern classics. Availble in 1oz bottles.

Yellow Jacket - Eternal Ink Vintage

Yellow Jacket is a translucent pure yellow, similar warmth to Yellowstone but without the opacity. Available in 1oz bottles.